2011 RAM 1500 - Where is fan control circuit?

Dodge ram 2011 with code PO481 fan 2 control circuit, does anyone know where this fan control circuit is located?

On most vehicles it is the secondary fan that is commanded to turn on in different conditions as your primary fan. The primary fan usually turns on when the engine temperature sensor reaches a certain temperature. The secondary fan turns on under different conditions, for example when you turn on the AC. On most cars the secondary fan is on the right (passenger) side. The first thing to check is the fuses for both fans. Then I’d check to see if the fans physically run with 12 volts. Then I would check relays. On some Chrysler’s the relays are not in the distribution center. Then check the control circuits like the air conditioner switches.

I’ve tested all relays in the fuse box, the one behind the fan and also checked the power to the fan and it also worked. The relay behind the fan had corrosion so I cleaned the connections and replaced the relay as it was buldging a bit so thought that was the problem but the code still comes up. The light was gone this morning when I first started driving it so I got a little excited thinking it was fixed, but nope it came back on. I’m not sure where to go at now, I did buy the service manual and did all the above as per the manual.

The fan is controlled by the Totally Integrated Power Module. Near battery. You can probably see a connection from it to the battery +. It works in conjunction with commands given it over the CAN bus by the powertrain control module. The TIPM part tends to be problematic from reports we get here. Do you have a diesel engine? Tow package? Export vehicle? Those are more complicated, they use a pulse width modulated fan.

Any other codes present? The engine coolant temp sensor function has to work for the fans to work correctly. I’m guessing you have a faulty TIPM.

I have a 2011 dodge ram 1500 with tow package and no I do not have any other codes as well just the PO481.

I did just recently upgrade my light to LED could have this have affected the TIPM which is the “fuse box” I guess

The TIPM controls the lighting as well. Seems hard to believe that swapping to LEDs would affect the fan control, but I guess anything is possible. Try re-installing the oem bulbs.

Good call I’ll do that and see if that works. Thanks