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2011 Mercedes C250 - Engine Check light


my 2011 c250 check engine light just came on. I connected an OBD2 scanner and I got two error codes; both being P0496.
from what I remember, I run out of the gas on the highway, and went into the reserve tank mode with yellow gas pump light on dashboard.


is it safe to drive with this? I live in rural area (720km to nearest service center).
instead of driving to service center, shall I call a tow instead?
is it possible to erase code with my OBD2 scanner? (I already selected 'delete' a couple times, but no change.

any answers please?
thanks in advance

I’m glad that you figured out how to create your own thread!
As I stated in my earlier response, you need to have a mechanic check the integrity of the purge lines for the evaporative emissions system. The high flow rate which is indicated by that code usually means that a rubber hose has become disconnected or it is cracked.

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Yes, it is safe to drive to get repaired.

From what I can tell that code gets posted when the computer seals off the air space above fuel tank and checks to see if there’s anything drawing gas vapors from in spite of the “seal”. It can tell that is happening b/c a vacuum gets formed if something is drawing off vapors, and it can measure the amount of vacuum apparently. The most likely cuase is the purge valve is leaking a little. that part set to “open” by the computer when it wants the engine to draw in fuel vapors from the canister and burn them. But when it is set to “closed” it shouldn’t allow that to happen.

I agree that the purge valve is a likely culprit

But it still should be properly diagnosed, and the repair properly verified. Replacing a part on a whim, clearing the code and simply hoping for the best is not a proper repair, IMO

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