2011 Mazda 3 or 2017 Nissan versa?

So, I’ve purchased a vehicle through Carvana a couple of years ago, and had a relatively easy time. I’m looking to grab another one, and im stuck between these 2.
The Mazda 3 hatchback I was looking at is a 2011, the car fax shows it’s had frequent oil changes, tire changes/rotations and some other normal maintenance done. It has 91,852 miles on it though.
The Versa I’m looking at is a 2017, with 62,902 miles on it. It’s had some oil changes done but that’s all I can see. I also noticed it’s had 3 previous owners.
Both vehicles are manual transmissions. So no cvt issues, and what not. Just looking at some advice on these 2 vehicles and which would maybe be the smarter decision.
Thank you in advanced!

A 2017 with 63K beats a 2011 with 92K any day… No contest.

BTW CarFax is a guess at best. If the shop doesn’t report service to CarFax, CarFax can’t report it to you. 3 owners doesn’t always mean 3 actual owners, especially if it was leased.


I agree, 6 years newer and 30Kish less miles?? No brainer with both being manuals…

I would get all the 60K service caught up, I doubt the last owner spent $$$ on maintenance just to get ride of it… lol

Also have it/them checked out by your garage for safety and maintenance inspection before buying the vehicle, NOT afterwards…


I believe CarFax when it’s on a car up to 2 or 3 years old if all maintenance on a new car is done at a dealership then CarFax is believable. Dealers are more likely to input work into the CarFax database.


I just posted this about Carfax in another thread:

Carfax WILL NOT tell you if a vehicle has been in a wreck, only if a wreck has been turned into insurance etc… Carfax only knows what has been reported, not what has not been reported…


Both are good cars (with manual trans), but I’d say the Mazda is maybe a little better, fundamental design and materials-wise. But the Versa is 6 years newer, and 30k fewer miles, a plus. The Versa does come with a question-mark though: why has it had 3 different owners in 6 years? hmm … I’d say overall it’s a wash imo, flip a coin, or choose the color you like the most.

Recommendations here are to pay your own mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection before writing any checks for a used car. Make sure part of that inspection includes that the check engine light is doing what it is supposed to, and that all of the self-test readiness monitors are in their “complete” state.

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I’ve actually found a 2013 Mazda 3 with 67,136 miles on it that I’m looking at. Seems it’s been maintained but carfax says it had a minor accident. Looked at the pics and can’t see anything but slight cosmetic damage to the paint but I’ll inspect it more in person. Good thing about Carvana is I have 100 days to bring it back and swap it out.

Having 100 days from delivery gives you ample opportunity to have an experienced auto repair shop you trust do a post-purchase inspection. This will tell you if there is anything wrong. If you will return it anyway don’t spend the money of course, but this inspection will make sure you have a decent 11 year old car. Expect to spend $150 for this service and make sure you know what they will do for the price. You want all systems checked and a full visual inspection on a lift.

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