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2011 Lincoln MKS - Blew two turbos

blew one turbo both less than 10, at about 78000 miles then blew both less than 10000 miles later

Good to know. Did you have a question?

How much was the repair on something like that? I ask in all seriousness.

I think this turbocharger uses bushings and is lubricated by engine oil pressure. If the oil hasn’t been changed often enough and/or there has been some aggressive driving with instant shutdown after stopping then the oil feed to the turbo can coke up and cut off the oil flow.

Reinforces my belief to never get a car with turbos in it . Just something really expensive to go wrong and it will eventually .

It reinforces my belief that routine maintenance is key to a long engine life.


if I were buying new, a turbo wouldn’t scare me away, but I make sure I do regular oil changes on my vehicles, and I use full synthetic. Used with an unknown history? Yeah I wouldn’t touch that…

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