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2011 leased VW Jetta

We have a leased 2011 Jetta, allowed 12,000 miles per year before we have to pay extra. I noticed the other day that the odometer gets to 10,563, then drops back to 10,561. Up again to 10,563, then down again to 10,561.

So the question is… If I leave it for a week or two, will they be able to tell how many miles we’ve put on the car in the meantime?

Consider yourself blessed.
You should mention it at some point in the future, but if I were you, I wouldn’t hurry with the reporting of it. No, they won’t know how far you drove the car.

And, for those who think that VW’s history of weird, quirky electronic glitches is over…

You didn’t happen to replace the radio, did you? It’s hooked into the computer system somehow…

no… we didn’t replace anything. All we’ve done with the radio recently is hook up phones to the bluetooth and an ipod to the radio after the Sirius subscription ran out.

So I guess the real question is… how long until we ‘notice’ this?!

I’d tell them at the next scheduled service. But you’ll need to make a rough estimate when that is, or does the trip odometer still work?

the trip odometer still works, everything else seems to work fine. the bluetooth sometimes cuts out on the phone, but i think that’s probably more my crappy phone’s fault.