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2011 Kia Soul rattles on upshift

84,000 manual transmission and she’s making bad muffler sounds when upshifting and increasing speed, but not when at steady speed or slowing?

What does that mean?

Thanks Mustangman - it means she’s rattling on the upshift & upon acceleration. The rattling sounds like a bad muffler.

OK, bad muffler to me is a loud exhaust. A loose muffler rattles against things it shouldn’t.

Does the rattling come from the engine bay or under the pedals? Or can you tell?

If the car is placed on a lift the exhaust can easily be checked to see if it is hitting things, loose head shields, or loose driveline parts. I suspect you’ll find the cause. If it is all tight, check inside the engine compartment for bad engine mounts or loose heat shields. If no luck fining the cause, start to suspect the clutch.

Thanks MustangMan

The clutch feels steady and strong with no noticeable changes since the arrival of the new rattle - based on what you say the likely culprit is the heat shield. I’ll take it into the mechanic tomorrow morning and will let you know what the final verdict is.

I appreciate your help! Cheers :grinning:

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Exhaust Leak! $250 tops to fix it.

Thanks again, MustangMan - your response really helped relieve my fears. :two_hearts:

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