2011 Kia Soul - Loss of acceleration

Good for you, glad your are back on the road. $500?? pssshaaa … hardly a dent in your pocketbook, car repair-wise anyway. You’d likely spend more than that on a set of new tires. Did your shop tell you whether the timing belt broke, or was the problem the rubber teeth were worn and that allowed it to shift positions on the cogs? I’m assuming the latter, given the problem was just loss of acceleration. Suggest to be thankful about that loss of acceleration, and you noticing it, b/c it warned you of a major impending timing belt problem.

I was just theorizing, not answering questions.
At any rate, maybe the OP should buy a couple of lottery tickets.

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I bought the car used so I can not say if it’s been changed or not. I took it to a mechanic and they just said they replaced the belt. The original owner did keep up with all maintenance and the car was in really good condition. (Coming from mechanic and other friend that looked at it)

Going from broke belt-junk motor to $500 repair is suspect. But, it’s fixed.

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