2011 Kia Sorento front end won’t align

Can’t align front end of 2011 Sorento. Is this generic?

No. please provide details. You don’t get points for a short question.

What exactly doesn’t align and by how much? what are the numbers?

Have you had the front end checked for problems?

Are you doing this yourself ? Have you used an actual alignment shop ? What have they said about this problem and we don’t really know why you ask. And NO this is not true of all 2011 Sorento vehicles.

This car needs to go to a “frame shop” that has the equipment to measure, diagnose, repair if needed, and align the wheels. There are specific measurements and measuring points to use that are provided by the manufacturer.

For the right people in the right shop this shouldn’t be Rocket Science.
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If you mean it can’t be aligned because one or more specs is way out of whack this means…

  1. Something is bent or badly worn.
  2. Someone has changed some suspension and steering components.

As for your question; it can be aligned but you have not stated why it can’t be aligned. It’s assumed, right or wrong, that toe, camber, or caster is way off.

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