2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission

Transmission surges/sways , 100k miles
Are there any known issues with the transmission as described, if so is there a resolution

Known issues ? Seriously , transmissions do wear out and the resolution is a rebuilt transmission .

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Hi Alan. Not a Grand Cherokee owner, but I looked on carcomplaints.com and it seems that transmission problems aren’t uncommon.

Have you gotten yours diagnosed? Are you weighing different options?

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The main questions that arise to me are…
Did you buy the vehicle new?
Has the transmission ever been serviced?

I do no understand the complaint completely. Surging could be engine related and I have no idea what sways means as that generally refers to suspension issues.

For what it’s worth, a long time friend who is an independent transmission rebuilder and has been doing it since the mid 70s after taking over from his dad who did it since way back before then has told me that the vast majority of transmission problems he sees day in and day out are caused by…
Not changing the fluid regularly.
Transmission leaks which cause the transmission to run low on fluid.

An engine can surge, but I’m not quite sure that transmissions can do the same.
Perhaps I am wrong on that point, and someone can educate me on that point. :thinking:

However, I am positive that a transmission is not something that can “sway”, unless its mounts are broken.

Can the OP try to find a more… conventional… description of the problem with his vehicle, or can he at least respond to the following questions?

  • Is it shifting through all of the gears?
  • Is the problem only noted when the engine is cold, or only when it is warm, or does this happen at all operating temperatures?
  • And, if the OP is convinced that this is a transmission problem, then the inevitable questions are…
  • Have you checked the fluid level, color, and odor?
  • How many times over the past 9 years has the trans fluid been changed?

For all we know via cyberspace, he might have an engine issue or a suspension/steering problem, rather than a transmission problem.

(Note: I hope that my questions aren’t interpreted as hostile “interrogation”, as an OP in another thread concluded–bizarrely.)


Three days later, and the OP has not answered any of the questions that I posed.