2011 Jaguar XF battery light

102,000 miles on my 2011 Jaguar XF. Battery light flashed after starting and windshield wipers were slow but she was fine then within 2 minutes different messages flashing and then lost all dashboard but car still going, then sputtered and cut out like no gas and shut off.

Your battery is used to start the engine, then the alternator provides all the electricity for the engine and accessories. The alternator also recharges your battery. If the alternator is bad, your engine and accessories will continue to run off of the battery, but it can’t recharge it, so eventually it dies.
That sounds like what’s happened. The alternator is bad, can’t charge the battery, the battery ran down and the car stopped. In addition to getting the alternator replaced you should have the battery load tested to see if it’s still good. Starting batteries really suffer when they are totally discharged. It may need to be replaced too.

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