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2011 Hyundai Tucson

This vehicle stalls very frequently. Dealer said I was using my left foot for the brake and right for accelerator and each time I touch the brake pedal, a sensor tells the transmission to gear down. How do I eliminate the sensor?

Also if the seat belts are locked(fastened) and you hit the brake, are the seat belts supposed to lock or do they only lock when the front of my car activates the air bags?

Finally my seat belt does not retract when I get out of the car and the dealer said it would eventually, so when I shut the door then the belt gets hit by the door and of course the door doesn’t close. Can this be fixed?

Thank you very much.

First, you shouldn’t be thinking about disabling a sensor that’s designed to assist the car in it’s operation. You should be braking with your right foot, as it forces you to let go of the accelerator when you do. It will also help the brakes not to get worn out, and the people behind you not so freaked out when your brake lights are on all the time. If you’ve ever driven a manual, you would know that you must brake with your right, as your left will be on the clutch.

Seat belts lock as a purely mechanical function. Depending on how hard you brake, they may lock every time. It they have tensioner’s, that’s a different function, and that will only engage as part of an accident system.

As for the retraction, they’re supposed to. If they’re not, then they need to be replaced or repaired. This also leads me to think that there may be something wrong, and that’s why they’re locking all the time.

Go back to the dealer, and compare to other Tucson’s sitting on the lot. If they all work the same, the it’s the way it was designed. If not (as I suspect) talk to a repair tech, and get them to they fix it. This is all covered by warranty…except for your right foot. :slight_smile:

Chaissos summed it up very well.
The OP’s first two points are not valid, IMHO.
However, if the engine continues to stall after adopting right-foot braking, then this should be followed up with the dealership.

His/her third point should be a matter of concern, and should be followed up with either the dealership or with Hyundai at the corporate level if the dealer continues to be non-responsive. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Thank you