2011 Hyundai Sonata car gas sensor

Car gas sensor not working. Car dealer repaired - but continue to have problems. Does not register how much gas is in tank and the dealership was not able to identify the problem… ran out of gas today on the highway. This will be the fourth time the car goes to the dealership.

Wow, I’d be looking at another dealership or… if this car is out of warranty, I’d be looking for a good independent mechanic. If they tried to fix it once, they failed, I think they owe you some free work.

If you want to stop running out of gas while trying to get this fixed, set the trip odometer to zero every time you get gasoline. When it hits 150 miles, refill the tank. Compare the amount you put in with the amount the tank holds - listing in your owners manual - and then do a little math. Is it half the amount the tank holds? You can probably push maybe 250 miles before a fill-up.

Thank you for your prompt response!!

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