2011 Honda Element, should I get it?

I am in the market for a new used car and the Honda Element seems to be what I am looking for. I need a smaller SUV with 4WD for winters and a lot of cargo space. Doing my research I found that it has an airbag recall but overall people love it.

-There seem to be high milage on most Elements due to their popularity, how far do they usually make it with good maintenance?
-Are they expensive to fix? I am coming from having a VW jetta (now unsavable for the money) and am completely over high car repair costs.
–Known problems?
-Reliablity, yes? No?

Any info will be helpful! Thanks

The very last year for the Element is indeed the 2011 model. The history of complaints is here;

The high mileage is not from popularity but age. Any 9 year old car will have 90 to 150K on them for sure. If well maintained, most any Honda will run 250K miles. Key being well maintained! Any Element you may want to buy, have it inspected by your mechanic before you buy it. A private seller may have maintenance records. Assume you will have to spend money on the car immediately for at least fluid changes. The car has a timing chain so no need for a timing belt repalcement.

Just a comment about AWD. Don’t limit yourself to Elements with AWD. They add components that can wear out and can be costly to repair. If you buy a set of winter tires mounted on cheap steel wheels to put on when it snows, the car will drive perfectly well without AWD. I recommend winter tires even IF the car has AWD - they help that much!

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8 year old vehicle so no one can say if it is a good purchase or not. The same advice to this question and all the others like it is - Have a shop look at it and see if there are any red flags that say Pass .
Seriously , why do you need 4 Wheel drive ? Also I think you are a student so the added expense of 4WD is something you might want to avoid.

Edit : Meghan , you are going to get about the same replies as your other two threads about a used vehicle purchase .

No, this vehicule is known for problems.Walk away and don’t look back.

Why just the Element? What about the CR-V, or a Rav4? Lots more of them out there.

It’s mechanically about the same as the Honda CRV. Year after year, including the 2011 model, the CRV has earned a Much Better Than Average overall reliability rating from Consumer Reports surveys. A well-maintained one in good condition is a pretty safe bet.

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I have a 2005 Element with AWD and have had it for about 4 years. It now has 137000 miles on it. It has been extremely reliable - no problems with it. They also hold an extreme amount of cargo. I have moved everything with it - including a full size washer and dryer!