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2011 Honda Civic Sdn - Holes in floor

would some small wholes cut out of the floorpan area constitute a safety hazard on this car?

What size are these wholes ( holes ) and where are they located ? If this is a used vehicle you are thinking of buying then pay a shop about $100.00 to see if there is a problem and if it has possible mechanical problems.

Any idea why the holes are there? Were they deliberately made to drain water? Were they caused by rust.

The holes can let water splash in and let exhaust gases in, depends on the size and location

No its a mystery why the holes were put there its a clean carfax with a main dealer(mostly) service history

Doesn’t look like they go through to interior and were in AZ so not much rain

Walk away from this car, looks like a hack job to cut part of the frame/rocker panel away for some reason. If you already bought it take it to a mechanic or body shop for them to give a better eyes on opinion.


I agree, walk away from buying it. If you already bought it, have a shop take a look.

Any holes that lead to the outside can be considered hazardous because it could let in exhaust fumes,

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That is not the floor, that in the integrated frame rail. Cutting the frame rail will compromise the strength of the vehicles body, however it could go unnoticed for the next 20 years.