2011 Ford Transit Connect - inconsistent oil dipstick readings

When I checkI the oil in the morning, it shows dry. When I run and shut off, even for a couple hrs, it shows overflow. Don,t know what to believe .

Is your oil foamy when it shows overfill? Also, why would you drive it if it is “dry”?
I would start off by draining the oil and giving it a careful evaluation, including a careful measurement of its volume. Then I would fill with exactly-measured new oil, and watch daily to see if the problem recurs.


When checking after running, are you

  1. just pulling the dipstick out and looking at it
  2. are you pulling the dipstick out, wiping it off then putting it back in, then pulling it out and then checking the level on the dipstick.

Stupid me. I didn,t change the filter, so it held and extra quart. If I change oil every 4,000:km, I change filter every second time.
Thx for help.

That still does not explain the lack of oil showing on the dipstick . Are you not checking the oil level when you change oils or just pouring the same amount in ?

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I also made the mistake of pouring an extra pint or two to remove any other dirt, so I,m not sure about the amount put in. I will redo the change with new filter, and put the right amount 4.3 litres in. That is correct amount.

That is not how you refill the oil. You add some , let it set a few minutes and add more until it shows full on the dipstick mark. Then run the engine a few minutes , let it set and check again.

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