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2011 Ford Mustang mpg dropped

41k on auto. First 25k got upper 20’s. I’m now retired and
don’t drive much at sustained
frwy speeds so mpg has dropped to barely 20mpg.
Could lack of engine temp
reaching and sustained be
the issue-if so is there a remedy? Thanks

It is just your driving habits that account for the miles per gallon you get. That is why the window stickers always say xx miles highway and xx miles city . It is just that simple .


You could have told us what engine the car has. Not sure it could help, but certainly couldn’t hurt.

If the car takes a while to fully warm up, you could have a bad thermostat. If you are taking only short drives not fully warming the engine, as @VOLVO_V70 points out, lower mpgs can be expected.

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… along with the formation of damaging sludge in the crankcase, and possible failure to properly recharge the battery.

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Are you making sure to keep your tires properly inflated? If not, this could be a minor factor.

There are 2 remedies.

  1. Drive more at steady sustained highways speeds.
  2. Get a more MPG oriented car.