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2011 Ford Expedition- 3rd cylinder no compression

2011 Ford Expedition 136,000 miles, 3 rd cylinder no compression. Saying I need a new engine. Does this sound correct?

Depends on WHY #3 has no compression. Rings?? Or burnt valves? If it is rings, yeah, remanufactured engine. Valves, pull the heads and have the valves replaced and seats re-ground.

Do a leak-down test on cylinder 3.

If you hear air coming out the intake, it’s the intake valve.

If you hear air coming out the exhaust, it’s the exhaust valve.

If you hear air coming out the oil dip stick tube, bad rings/piston.

If you see air bubbles in the coolant, bad head gasket.



Lifter collapsed knocking the rocker arm out. The valve spring keepers popped off letting the valve drop and the piston hit the valve and bent it. The cam lobe has a cam loose on the shaft as well. It’s the intake valve that is bent. This is why they are saying I need a new engine?

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Ouch… That sucks. Jeezoo… Well technically you need the cylinder head reworked…and then reinstalled. Not a new engine per say… Problem is, the head work etc…may easily exceed the cost of an engine swap. But if you must know, this is repairable…it is only the shops rates that push the decision into engine replacement land. Technically its fixable…but…

The cost will be a lot higher if that piston or cylinder wall is damaged. You won’t know the whole story until the head is off. Let’s hope it’s just head work needed.

Good advice above. I’ll add that if the problem was contributed to by overheating, low oil pressure, or deferred oil and filter changes, probably looking at a new engine. If none of that stuff happened, good chance it can be repaired for less than the cost of a Ford-sourced replacement engine. But still possibly more than the cost of a junkyard engine, say from a rear-collision damaged Expedition with a known good engine.

Just want to say thank you for all the advice. Always kept good care and maintained oil changes and filter. This all started while driving to Oklahoma for my son’s graduation from AIT in the Army. Started running rough took to mechanic and my spark plug
On 4 was bad, changed plug and coil drove back to Texas and had all new replaced along with coils. Ran ok but engine made a clicking sound then when you accelerated lost pickup and bogged down. Took to planet ford and they told me it was low compression in the 3rd cylinder and that it would cost 7,500 to 10,000 to replace the engine, had it towed to our small town mechanic and the above is what was discovered

Looks like this issue is a known problem on the Triton V8… Not sure I was fully aware of this, but doing a search does produce a ton of examples of how and why this occurs. None of it is happy news, but it does shine light on how dealers very quickly jump to the “new engine” conclusion while others simply repair what they have… Might be a good read…or it may just make you more upset…sorry.

2011 should be good shape. thought it was older. if body is rust free than it might be worth fixing. or deduct new motor cost and do math. sell it or fix it

A collapsed lifter often means the engine oil level was too low and/or the oil wasn’t changed often enough.

If you have solid documentation that you followed the owner’s manual maintenance schedule, using the recommended procedures and products, might be worth a shot to bring Ford corporation in on this. Show them the maintenance evidence. W/an 8 year old vehicle and 136K miles the best you could expect might be some kind of discount on the repair, or maybe an incentive rebate if/when you purchase another Ford vehicle. Probably won’t help, but no harm asking.

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Did you ask either of these shops for an estimate to install a used engine?