2011 Dodge Grand Caravan - Trans slams

Transmission slams into gear after driving a while, i live in a cold climate, so the roads are salted every winter. Hence i noticed on front wheel hub assembly very rusted and deteriated large nut that holds axle to bearing ! foot note i purchased van in 2012 with 20,000 miles .

And? Rust is based on time not mileage.
As far as the transmission, might be from lack of use. 2000 miles per year is very hard on a vehicle, it needs to be driven.

*f you getlucky a transfluid and filter service might fix your problem, Do you have a tach and can watch rpms or if not is isthe engine revving higher when this happens?

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The condition of axle nut has no influence on trans shifting. 10 yrs of wet, salt spray will surface rust metal. I hope tech didn’t say, there’s your trans problem, the axle nut is rusty.

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a minivan is usually bought to hall the kids around. it seems odd that its only been driven 2k miles a year (average) its possible your odometer was screwed around with. theres a chance that your minivan has a hell of a lot more miles on it and its time for a new tranny.

My 2014 did the same thing. If I shifted to neutral after backing, let off the brake for a second and put it in drive it would NOT do the slamming.

These vans have some pretty intricate programing. They adjust shift patterns accordingly as the clutches wear. If your battery was recently disconnected the computer may need to relearn its parameters. It may take a very long time for the relearn to automatically take place. There is also a very in depth relearn procedure. I don’t recall the procedure but you may find it on a Dodge forum. It would be worth a try. Servicing the transmission would be the first step though.