2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 clicks, no start

I have been having problems with my 2011 chevy silverado since I have purchased it. from time to time it will not start. replaced alternator, replaced battery. dealership in clare, Mi checked and said that there was no unusual draw while it was parked. It just did it to me again after being parked for 3 hours. turned the key and click click no start.

Sometimes its as simple as dirty connections between the heavy cables and the battery, or at the other end of those cables. The red one goes to a solenoid switch, which is the thing you hear clicking, and another thick cable goes from that switch to the starter motor. A little corrosion or dirt at those connections can lead to this click situation. Tell the dealer to clean the cable connections.

Thanks have checked to make sure those connections are tight and also the ground to the frame which is tight also. But will follow your advice

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Can you check the voltage on the battery when you get a click - no start? If the the voltage is 12+ volts the problem might be the ignition switch.

checking that does not ensure that the connection is corroded. You have to take the connection apart and look at the mating surfaces for corrosion.

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Batteries can go bad long before their expected average life. I have had at least one replaced at one year. I tested each cell with a float-type hygrometer (or is it hydrometer? - it tells the specific gravity of a liquid) and found one or more cells did not take or hold a charge. There are inexpensive tools of this type. If you have a standard battery with removable caps, you can test all 6 cells when you have the starting problem.

Everything above about connections is the first thing to check. And ignition switches are not above suspicion, either.