2011 Cadillac STS tire pressure

Tire pressure @ 35 lbs awful ride
Tire pressure @ 25 lbs good ride
Is there a problem keeping pressure at 25 pounds?
Any other idea to soften the ride?

Yes there is . Your low pressure light will always be on , you will have dangerous handlining in an emergency situation , abnormal tire wear and on a high speed turn you could possibly lose a tire and crash .
As for softer ride - Trade the vehicle for something else . How long have you had this and did you not test drive before you bought it ?


Did you buy new tires for the car and now it rides poorly?

Did you buy the car with these tires and it rides poorly?

Tires can have a pretty big effect on ride. Tire Rack reviews tires FOR ride, and other things. You can use the site to compare your tires with others offered for sale. You likely will find some rated higher for ride you can buy.

25 psi is not a safe pressure at all.

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