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2011 Cadillac CTS engine light issue

I have a 2011 3.0 6 cylinder Cadillac CTS AWD with 81500 miles that I bought used back in February. Up until two weeks ago I have had zero engine issues outside of on rare occasions when I would stop at a light it felt like the engine had a slight stutter, but nothing big.
Two weeks ago I went out on a cold morning to go to work and when I started the car it seemed different, like it wanted to die but continued to warm up as I backed out if my driveway I noticed the engine light blink a few times but then it went off. Car drove fine and no issues for two weeks. Then today I headed out to run some errands and car started and wasvwarming up just fine. Then a few minutes later as I was slowing down for a stop light it again briefly acted like it was going to die and again the engine light blinked a couple times but stopped. The light changed and I excellerated and no problems.
In both cases I went to AutoZone to have the codes scanned and there was no codes either time.

So what should I do or what might be the problems? I am also battling condensation in my passenger headlight, could that some how impact some electrical components of the Cadillac?

A flashing/blinking Check Engine light usually indicates a major misfiring is occurring. But an engine that’s about to stall can cause a misfire.

The component that controls the engine idle speed is the electronic throttle body. So the idling problem may be caused by a dirty throttle body.

Have the throttle body cleaned, and see if it eliminates both problems.


Thanks, is that something tough to get to and do?

It depends on the vehicle.

Remove the intake duct between the air filter housing and the throttle body from the throttle body.

Have a helper turn the ignition on so the dash lights come on and step on gas pedal all the way to the floor. This will open the throttle the electronic throttle body

Take throttle body cleaner and spray down the inside of the throttle body and use a soft brush to remove any deposits. I use an old battery operated toothbrush for this.

Pat Goss explains it pretty well.


Thanks again, I’m taking it in Friday to my mechanic to have a full diagnosis done and will mention this if they don’t find anything. I figured the $100 is worth having it checked.