2011 Buick Regal - StabiliTrak and starting

StabiliTrak light came on and car will not start. What is the problem and is there a fix?

The 2 conditions are likely unrelated. Impossible to guess at the actual cause based on the fact that you told us almost nothing about the car or the problem.

There is always a fix.

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Do you have a sunroof? This may be relevant if you do.

The problem is, there is something wrong with your car. The fix is probably to find the poblem…and …well…fix it.
Sorry but with the total lack of information given that’s the best I can say.

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Perhaps the OP can help us to help him by answering some questions:

Is the Check Engine light illuminated?

Does “will not start” mean that the starter is turning the engine over but that it won’t run on its own power, or does “will not start” mean that nothing at all takes place when the ignition key is turned?