2011 BMW 328 - windshield wipers won’t turn off

I can’t turn the windshield wipers off whilst the car is on.
They stop when I remove the fob.

Just a guess but I’d say the switch is bad.

You’ll never believe this but somehow its working fine now… I can’t imagine how it corrected but it seems like the electrical system reset itself while I took the car out for an errand. When I went back to the car after it was parked for about 90 minutes started it and the wipers did not come on until I turned them on and they turned off too. I also noticed there was as message on the dashboard screen regarding the airbag which was also gone . so it seems like it has reset like it did after I had new tires put on it at Costco.

All that sounds like a flaky body control module. At minimum I’d have it checked out to make sure there’s not a problem with the airbags.

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If the wiper circuit is like my 1978 Oldsmobile, the switch completes the circuit to the frame of the car (ground) . When the ignition switch was on, there was power to the wiper motor. There was also a resistor from one terminal of the switch to the frame which allowed for a slower speed for the wipers. If the OPs car has s similar setup, I would suspect either the switch or the wiring from the wiper motor to the switch.