2010 VW Jetta - 5th cylinder miss-fire

My Jetta has had misfire issues (warning light on dash) for several years. Last year I replaced the fuel injectors based on the VW dealer recommendation. The issue returned only this time they (an independent) recommended replacing all ignition coils. This car has been expensive to upkeep. So, I only had them replace the 5th cylinder’s ignition coil. Will that cause any issues by not replacing the other 4?

The usual method for coil testing is to swap the coils, not just replace one or all of them. If coil 4 & 5 is swapped, and the misfire moves to cylinder 4, almost certain the coil is faulty. If misfire stays on 5, unlikely to be a coil problem.

No Jetta experience, but on some engine configurations it may be so difficult and time consuming to swap the coils it might make sense to guess and take a chance on replacing one on a flier.

The code indicates the misfire is occurring only in cylinder 5.

I would focus on why it only happens on that one cylinder, and not worry about the rest wasting money on parts.


I was told they swapped 4 and 5 and the coil turned out to be the issue. I went with just replacing that coil.

Thanks for all your input.

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That sounds like the right procedure and the right decision. Good for you and your shop for getting your Jetta purring like a kitten again :slight_smile:

VWs of that era are known to have coil issues, so be prepared to replace others over time.