2010 Volkswagen Passat - Could it be the turbo?

Have changed water pump, thermostat, radiator, coolant.
Over heating when driving. Idle speed 190%. Could it be the turbo waste gate solenoid?

Could you clarify this point for us?
Are you telling us that the engine is idling 190% higher than it should?

No. The engine is running at 190%. We have replaced the radiator, water pump, thermostat (3 times) , removed thermostat,

bleed system complete, correct coolant, remove cats, removed and replaced gate solenoid on turbo. It still over heats when

driving. Not a idle. We believe it has to be clogged engine portals. Your thought please?

Do you mean 190 degrees?


190 degrees is the temperature it is supposed to be. Not overheating.

… and, if so, is that 190 degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius?

The OEM thermostat is rated at 203 degrees.



If that means you removed the catalytic converters then you have violated a federal law if you are in the US.

If you mean the engine is running at 190 deg F (rather than %) at idle, 190 deg F coolant temperature at idle is normal once the car is warmed up. If you continue to feel the car is overheating more than it should only at idle, that is often caused by the radiator fans not working correctly.

If you mean the turbo is giving a 190% boost at idle, that sounds like something is wrong with the turbo function, and could possibly be the waste gate solenoid. Since there are many other possible culprits, the problem should be properly diagnosed by your shop, before considering to replace parts.

if radiator cap is not holding pressure as it is supposed to do, coolant may and probably will boil out

cheap part to replace

Here is the story. The customer purchased the engine form else where. When they packaged it

someone crammed rags deep into the radiator hose; which is three lines comes together.

Took time to figure it out, but we did. Thank you everyone. Carl

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Thanks for the great feedback. Discovering that rags, paper, etc that was used to protect stuff under repair is causing a problem b/c it was forgot about and not removed is a pretty common thing. Ask me how I know … lol …

Rug in the cooling system? Huh? :slight_smile:

It made me think of VAG a little bit better after all unnecessarily over-complicated things they put in their vehicles lately.

Before that, the last “true to its roots” engine of VAG I knew was inline 5 cylinder my friend has in old A6 body: that thing survived hot Virginia summer with water pump seized and still runs, years after that failure. His wife complained “it is no heat” somewhere late February, so he delayed repair until October next year… to discover that water pump was seized completely. No damage, no overheating, as this engine has a good convection flow :slight_smile: