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2010 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan - Used car check

I’m going to buy a used older car for my teenager and I’m concerned about wear/burning oil in a vehicle that’s probably going to have about 100K on it. Will a compression check tell if the car’s going to burn oil? Other than smoke out the tailpipe, any other thoughts on minimizing my exposure?

The standard reply here is to have a shop look at any used vehicle you might buy .
Also teach the teenager how to check all fluids at least once a week that way you might avoid the major engine failure because low oil or coolant. Also show how to air up tires to the proper level.

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Thanks, we bought from a reputable dealer, so there’s hopefully a good start. The car had one owner and is great shape so …. agree with your maintenance quotes, the last two cars were burning oil so we got that check under the belt. The Jetta has a tire low pressure light, another technological invention that helps to dumb the minds of today’s generations …



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Buying cars sure isn’t like it used to be, that’s for sure. (I’m 56) At least with a dealer that’s been in business for a period of time and gets positive reviews you know they’re concerned with more than just unloading one car and disappearing. The big deal is not getting sucked into the “add on’s” …. warranties, scratch resistant coatings, etc. It also helps if you have a good experience and end up purchasing more than one car from that dealer and they get to know you. No matter what, you need to do your homework on multiple levels before you get to the point you’re sending the car to the mechanic. I wish I could buy every car from my mother in law whom kept meticulous records of consistent maintenance on a pad in the glove box of the older Honda that my son was driving when someone T boned him and insurance totaled the car ….