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2010 Toyota Vios cannot start

I havent start my car for 2 days. This afternoon when I crank it, there is a weak start sound, by engine is not starting. When I crank again now, just trek trek sounds. Is it battery problem? I have to wait until tomorrow to go workshop; but I would like to have an idea how much the costs are.

But my alarm, car sound system, and front/back lights are still working normally. And isn’t it 2 years too short for average battery life?

Thanks in advance.

How long your battery will last depends to a very great extent on how often–and for how long–you typically drive your car. If it is driven for at least 20 minutes each time that you start the engine, then the battery should be good for ~5years. But, if this is a car that is used only for local, short-trip driving, it is entirely possible that the alternator never gets a chance to recharge the battery sufficiently.

And, you should be aware that all of the other systems that you mentioned draw a LOT less electricity than the starter. It is not unusual to have a battery with enough power for lights, sound system, etc, but insufficient power to turn the starter fast enough to start the engine.

Get the battery tested. Most likely it will fail a load test.

I am actually a heavy user, clocked at 70K kilometers, and I always drive long distance coupled with a few short trips now and then.

However I thank you for the prompt reply.

I have had a battery fail at 11 months, so a 2 year battery failing is possible. Check the battery voltage across the terminals, 11.9 Volts means the battery is discharged. Less than 11 Volts may mean a dead/shorted out cell and a new battery is needed.

Ed B,

It sounds like the battery is low. That doesn’t mean the battery is dead. Although constantly discharging a battery is a good way to kill it.

Sounds like something is draining your battery. And after 2 days of not running it…it needs to be charged.

Lights and car sound system draw just a few amps…while a car starter can draw several hundred amps. So you may have some life in the battery…it’s just not enough to start it.