2010 Toyota Corolla - Noisy when started

car makes a noise when starting it

It’s saying sell me, sell me. sorry I had too


what kind of noise?

I would hope it would make a noise from the starter otherwise the starter would be dead.

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Your resistance level low today is it as in could not resist? :grinning: :grinning:

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My 2009 has made an occasional noise when starting for years. It sounds like grinding or rapid ratcheting. Depending on who you ask, it’s normal, either the valves adjusting or the starter solenoid.

rattle/grinding sound only when you start it. Don’t know how to explain.

does it sound like this…
2009-2010 Toyota Corolla Brief Rattle noise on start-up - YouTube
The intake camshaft timing gear assembly needs to be replaced. This is endemic with ALL Toyota VVT-i engines. What you’re hearing is the grinding of teeth and/or rattle of the timing chain due to oil being absent within the gear assembly, hence why you typically hear this on a cold start. The sound goes away because after 1-2 seconds, the oil pump is pushing oil into the gear assembly and it begins working properly. Search YouTube: "Inside a Toyota VVT-i Camshaft Gear! " for an explanation how it works. Over time, the the spring-loaded pin that keeps the gear assembly in a locked position during startup begins to fail, which would cause the rattle. Owners who attempt the replacement are finding gear assembly teeth damage, too. Toyota has issued many TSB’s for many models specifically for this problem. Frankly, this should be a recall because it’s so pervasive, but because it isn’t a safety-related issue they won’t. Toyota will replace the gear assembly under warranty, however most people are experiencing after their warranties have expired…

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