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2010 Subaru Outback - Used buy?

Should I consider buying a used one owner Subaru Outback with high milage 167,000?

Well, since no one on the web can see or drive this vehicle it is a little hard to answer. So the thing to do is pay a shop about 100.00 to 125.00 to look it over for you.
Of course you do realize if this all wheel system goes bad it will cost a small fortune to fix.


I vote no. 4 time owner, current driver of a '16 Subaru. Too many worries - head gasket + 2.5 engine issues etc.

How do you know that the OP is considering an Outback with the 2.5 liter engine?
Perhaps he is smart enough–like me–to buy one with the bullet-proof 3.6 liter six cylinder engine.

Everything has its price, and if it is priced appropriately it could be a good deal. If not, it could be a major rip-off. For example, if someone came on here and asked “Should I buy a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity”? Most people would say “hell no”. Now if the 1988 Celebrity had low miles, was in excellent condition, and selling for $1200, then people would say “yes”. Even though it’s not a great car, most people would consider a running, driving car for $1200 to be a good deal.

Unless you tell us the asking price, and overall condition of this Outback, how on Earth could we say if it’s worth considering or not?

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Here’s another vote for a pre-purchase inspection on any used car that you’re planning to buy.

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Apologies for being so vague in my description of the 2010 Subarus Outback I am considering buying. It is my first time accessing Car Talk. The car is in excellent condition, both interior and body and the asking price is $5000.

Find a shop that’s familiar with Subaru’s and have it checked over. Could be a decent buy depending on how it was maintained.

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If in good condition, and properly maintained, this is a good buy, even assuming it’s a 4-cylinder model, and it’s an excellent buy assuming it’s a V6 model.

No . . . too many miles

This kind of mileage only works out if YOU are the one that’s been putting on the miles, and you know for a fact that you maintained it perfectly

according to who . . . ?!

too many uncertainties

pass on this one

Spend more on a newer car with far fewer miles

Especially since it would be the only one in existence!

Subaru’s 3.6 liter six-cylinder engine is an H-6.