2010 Subaru Outback - transmission mystery

I have a 2010 Subaru Outback. It’s been in the shop for over a month, and the tech can’t seem to fix it. The RPMs race when we step on the gas, but the car only seems to increase speed very slowly. What could the problem be? He says he has replaced the transmission. Twice. But we still have the same problem. Suggestions? Help!

Maybe you should find a better tech. Sure sounds like a transmission problem but I can see or touch the car.

LOL - exactly. Just wondering if any others had run into a similar problem with the car not “keeping up with the RPM’s” after a rebuilt transmission (or in this case two) had been attempted…

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Check for a clogged catalytic converter
Had no power with Chevy Impala.
It would rev fine but was absolutely gutless

How about a bad torque converter. Some don’t replace these with transmission.

I had a 2010 Outback never had any problems, is this at a Subaru dealer? If not I’d recommend that you take the car to another shop or better still get it to a dealer for diagnosis at least. This car has a CVT and it really doesn’t slip it just totally fails if it goes. Your tech is a loser get someone that knows Subaru and can get it back in service.