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2010 Subaru Legacy - Failing smog test

my brand new bought legacy is having smog check not passing second time…

new brand to you or 2018 smog not ok wrong what

brand new bought in 2010.

failing on OBDII

You need to post the code numbers

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You could have left the confusing brand new out and just said my 2010 Legacy will not pass inspection. Tell what you have done or had done and list the codes. That will get you answers that might help.

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@udave You are going to have to explain far more than you have at this point to get any help at all. A phrase here and there isn’t gonna get the job done.

Explain more than “failing on OBDII” How long has your check engine light been on, what engine, what transmission, how many miles on the car, has it been running OK and what are those ODBII codes. Also are you going to fix the car yourself or take it to a shop. (if you are going to take it to a shop, just go ahead and take it right now) Answer all of these and we will try and help you.


Thanks for questions… I was in the fact finding also.

In 2011, when engine light came on. I had gone to my near by dealer.

That day, they had applied some defect repair … which was EOM… documentation

says it will have SOMG problems… doing this they postponed smog problem I have encountered

till 2016… Still they did not tell me. I do not know how they passed that SMOG in 2016…

since then I have talked smog peoples and collected lots of details as of today.

Nothing has been volunteered from dealer so… on the contrary I am told I may not driving

enough and driving right…… nothing about right repairs.

I cannot find anything on web about this problem repair problems.

If you find anything, let me know… THANKS

Let’s cut to the chase . . .

Which readiness monitors are still incomplete . . .?!

I’m not asking about what “they” did back in 2016

I’m only asking which readiness monitors are incomplete right at this moment

And tell us any codes you have right now . . . not the ones you had in 2016, just the ones you have now

On the last smog…OBDII NOT READY… Catalyst

Thanks for asking.

That was extremely important information . . .

Yup . . . you NEED the catalytic converter readiness monitor to be complete

Otherwise you fail, as you’ve noticed

Is the check engine light also on?

Any current or pending codes?

Such as P0420 and P0430 . . . ?!

Now you have to determine why the readiness monitor is still incomplete

But before you do that, you should google how to get all the readiness monitors to complete. With some luck, you might be able to get the cat monitor to complete and then get your smog certificate

That said, I kind of suspect when the cat monitor completes, the pcm will also generate a P0420 and/or P0430 code, the check engine light will illuminate . . .

From your earlier description, it sounds like the shop lacked confidence . . . or outright KNEW . . . that whatever they did would get rid of the problem

If you take my advice, get the monitor to complete, but the check engine light returns and you have those codes I mentioned, I suggest you take the car somewhere else for a proper diagnosis and repair. It sounds like this particular dealer you went to is incapable of that. They probably don’t know the concept “verify the repair” . . .

A reputable independent shop comes to mind. There are also shops that specialize in smog check failures and hard to diagnose situations