2010 Nissan Sentra power loss

Okay…so I have two issues/questions:

Firstly, my car has gone completely powerless and won’t start (for the third time in two months). I’ve taken it to a mechanic twice, and they have made “fixes,” but the issue remains. Nothing happens, including dash lights, when I turn the key. Last time they warrantied out the battery and it worked for a few weeks, but is now dead again.

Second, occasionally when I pull off of the highway in 6th gear (manual transmission) and start to slow down, my engine cuts off and some of the dash lights come on randomly. I just need to restart the car and it works fine, but I found it a bit strange.

Thanks for any input - it is much appreciated!

I am constantly amazed sometimes how often it seems that people bring their cars to a shop for this kind of work and they change the alternator or battery and send it out the door without checking the cables and charging system. I don’t know if you are experiencing this but it sounds like the problem could be just a bad connection at one ore more of the battery cables, or a bad cable. Or possibly a bad alternator.