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2010 Mazda 6 vibrating and burning rubber smell

Hi i have a 2010 mazda 6 2.2. I travel on the motorway for work everyday and some days when i join the motorway and get up to speed my car starts to struggle and a vibration comes through the car. It lasts for a few minutes then goes back to normal and the same on the way home. When i get home my front drivers side wheel( right hand drive) is hotter then the others and there is a smell of burning rubber. A chiring sound has been coming from the wheel for a week or so. It it a bearing causing this or brakes. ?

Sounds like the ABS is activating at times and this then heats up the brakes and that is what you are smelling . You need to get it checked out. If it is a ABS sensor you usually have to replace that wheel bearing as the sensor is part of thaT .

Sounds to me like the brake on the drivers side is sticking and dragging. That can be caused by a stuck brake caliper or a failing rubber brake hose. You should get this checked out immediately. Tell the mechanic what you are experiencing. Don’t just tell them to replace the brakes. If it turns out to be a brake hose, save yourself some problems, and a bit of money and have all the rubber hoses replaced.

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