2010 Kia Rio - What oil?

I live in Tunisia, and i want to know wich is the best engine oil viscosity grade in such a mediterannean climate

What ever is listed in your owners manual and if you don’t have one just call the dealer service department on your phone.

My owners manual recommends 20w50, 15w40, 10w30, 5w30 or 0w20

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Well apparently you have 4 choices so just pick one by price , availability or if the color of the container appeals to you.

The car dashboard shows 160.000 Km. I’ve heard that high mileage engines prefer thick oil.

I am really hesitating between 15w-40 (that probably suits with such engine) and 5w30 (wich give better fuel economy but with the risk of leakage)

Use the 15w40

My opinion . . . 5w30



I cannot believe this. That is a very large range of different viscosity values. This engine has VVT, and for that to function properly depends on having adequate clean oil of the proper viscosity. Here in the U.S. most cars from that era used 5W30.

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I agree and would go with the 5-30. That was mostly what was recommended back then and is what I use on my 2009. It does just fine whether it’s 10 below or 100 above. If you are concerned you could use a 5-30 synthetic. In later years they switched to 0-20.

The U.S. EPA can’t restrict the oil viscosity to those in other countries. In the U.S. the oil used during the EPA certification process is the oil that must be listed in the owners manual.

That is what George tells people but viscosity is not really as critical for VVT as it is for multi cylinder displacement engine deactivation timing. If it were critical then oil viscosity would be monitored by the PCM as it is with MDS engines.

Is it ok even with my slightly worn engine ?

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From the horse’s mouth so to speak-