2010 Jeep Liberty headrest is open

I have never been in an accident and my drivers side headrest is open, what can I do

What do you mean by that? It is broken? torn? damaged in some way?

Take it to the dealer and have it replaced.

Fix it (had to get 10 letters to post)

I like Mustangman want to know what headrest open means. But I think this will be like so many of the transplanted Carcomplaints post where we never get the rest of the story.

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This vehicle has active head restraints in the front seat head rests that can deploy when the vehicle is hit from behind in a collision. The mechanism is spring loaded, the owners manual has instructions on how to reset the head rests after a collision.

If there has not been a collision the latch in the head rest may have failed.

Some more info if interested …