2010 Impala odd whirring noise when taking off

I’m currently using a 2010 Impala as a loaner. I had bought a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe from a dealer and 5 days later the engine blew. I’ve been using loaners from them for over a month until the engine is replaced or I decide on a different car. They have a junkyard engine on the floor, but they only have one mechanic so things don’t get done on time. This Impala has 107K. I did the carfax thing and it was a rental for the first 2 years, then owned privately. Occasionally the ABS light and t/c light come on but I’m convinced it’s a chafed wire because it seems to only come on when I turn the steering wheel a certain way. They had checked the codes and came up with nothing ‘wrong’, which makes sense to me… it seems like either a crappy connection or chafing or something. This will need to be addressed and fixed before I sign anything but…

My dilemma right now is this: The roads are currently snow packed. If I punch the gas pedal from a dead stop there is sometimes a slight hesitation and a whirring sound, oddly enough it sounds a lot like a windshield washer pump. The car runs flawlessly otherwise. I asked a friend who also owns a 2010 Impala and he says he’s never heard such a noise. I don’t see how anyone could miss it. If I disable the t/c, there is no noise.

I’m betting this car should be swept off the table as to possible purchase. Agree or no?

If you test drive a used car and you any doubts you just look for something else it’s that simple.

Quote;If I punch the gas pedal from a dead stop there is sometimes a slight hesitation and a whirring sound, oddly enough it sounds a lot like a windshield washer pump.

This is a loaner and the place only has ONE mechanic, now you’re trying to break the loaner.
It may be the only loaner that they have and if you break it, you’ll be walking.
And it will also take longer to fix your car, because the ONE mechanic will be fixing the loaner first.

Drive it like Grandma’s in the back seat!!!


What you are hearing is the ABS pump running. The first thing the traction control does when it senses wheel spin is activate the pump before it actuates the isolation; pressure increase; and pressure release solenoids. Accelerate a little less aggresively and you probably won’t hear the ‘whirring’. Alternately you can turn the T/C off and the pump will not run.

Maybe. But that’s exactly what my alternator sounded like before it went south. Sounds like a spaceship from an old sci-fi movie.

I gotta go with Yosemite on this one. It’s a loaner. If it makes a strange noise when you floor it, don’t floor it.

This confounds me.

The OPs car is waiting for a new engine that is sitting there ready to be installed.

Why are you bothering on doing a “Carfax” report on the loaner.
I doubt that the Impala…having 107.000 miles is as nice as the 2010 Santa Fe.

I think the dealer is trying to get you into the Impala, then his mechanic will surprisingly find the time to fix the Santa Fe and he’ll resell that one again at a fair profit.
Push the dealer and tell him you want your Santa Fe back, even if he has to have it towed and hire another shop to do the engine swap. Tell them that you want YOUR car back soon.
You did buy the Santa Fe, so it must be what you wanted in the first place!!!

So why not just drive the Impala like you borrowed it from Granny and she’s in the back seat and your Santa Fe will be ready soon.

Personally I think you drove the Santa Few into the ground in 5 days, because of you being so hard on cars. You are just lucky that the dealer is covering the repairs.