2010 Hyundai Accent

My Accent has about 26,000 miles on her. It has a problem with fouling a spark plug. I have been told it is a common problem. Is anyone aware of this problem and have a solution.
The phrtoolman.

Is you car still covered under warranty? If it is don’t do any work to the car, take it to a Hyundai dealer to have it serviced. Spark plugs are considered a wear item, but if something like a bad piston ring is causing the spark to foul before the normal service interval it should be covered by warranty.

I agree with SteveC76…as long as the OP has changed the oil on this very low-mileage car according to elapsed time, instead of according to odometer mileage.

Since it appears that this car is only driven ~5k miles per year, if the oil has been changed on the basis of odometer mileage, the warranty could already be null and void.

Gentleman. The car is still covered by the warranty. My oil is changed about every 5 months. I live in OK, where we have extreme heat in summer and sometimes very cold in winter. I try to do all of my own work to save the big bucks on labor. Oil and filters are cheap, I visit Wally World and get the full synthetic.

I only acquired the car new in March of 2011.

Looking at the spark plug may give you a clue

How long does a new plug last?

Good link, Barky.
Phrtoolman, can you post a photo of a fouled plug?

A new plug lasts as long as it lasts, bad coil, bad injector, etc. there are no guarentees

A new plug lasts as long as it lasts...

LOL, I meant how long does the OP’s fouling plug last before needing replacement…

The fouling plug is a symptom, not a cause. It needs to be replaced when bad, but if the source of the problem is not solved it may only be good for a few thousand mile.