2010 Honda Pilot knocking inside the engine

I purchased my 2010 Pilot Touring, V6 3.5, used from a private party with ~140K. Recently, I noticed a knocking noise become more and more loud when accelerating, starting at 2500+rpms. It mostly dissipates at 3500+rpms. I spent 800 dollars to check the timing belt and tensioner. But it turned out is inside the engine. I support to take a class-action lawsuit to have Honda recall and fix the problem

You only had it “checked”?

TEN year old car, that may or may not have been properly maintained. Why do you think Honda could or would do anything?


There is nothing to support on this 10 year old out of warranty used vehicle.


What is the precise problem?

Unload this thing while it’s still running, otherwise prepare your yard for a new lawn ornament.

That’s just hilarious :rofl:


My 2009 Pilot that I bought new and had the oil changed every 5,000 miles and had everything serviced the motor bit the dust at 128,000 miles. This engine shuts off cylinders and will run on 2 or 3 cylinders and it’s an early version. This isn’t uncommon for this motor.

You may have found out why the previous owner was selling it.

Either way… Honda isn’t going to warranty or recall a 10 year old vehicle with high miles on the engine.

Sorry, and good luck.


You bought a used car from a private party who quite likely knew there was a problem with it. You are on your own as to that issue. Period.

You also have not said how long ago you bought it and whether or not you have even checked the motor oil level.

As for a lawsuit blaming Honda for this and demanding a Recall you are seriously misguided. That is not gonna ever happen nor should it. I hate to be crass here but it’s no worse than what you are wanting from Honda because your decision to buy a high miles, 10 year old car went south.

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