2010 Honda CR-V & 2005 TSX - Rack leaks

I’ve had two cars that had leaks on the power steering rack at the boot by the wheel in one year requiring replacement of the rack. One was a 2005 Acura TSX and the other one was a 2010 Honda CRV. The shop told me that Honda’s can tend to have this problem more than others But it seems to be too much of a coincidence for both to happen within the same year. Where we park our cars there is a steep angled slope approach that is 2-3 feet in length that leads to a flat parking pad (imagine something like this ✓""""""" where the check mark is the slope and the dashes are the pad). The slope starts at the curb of the road and requires a decently sharp turn to get in position and up the slope to the pad. Lower cars have a tendency to bottom out (for example our 2005 Prius). Would this sharp angle turn and then ensuing a ascent up the slope to the pad have any added pressure or wear on the rack gaskets causing the rack to go bad sooner?

Very unlikely.

You have a 14 year old car that can have any failure at any time. You also have a 9 year old car that is less likely to fail any given component and yet both did within the year. I’d say it is a coincidence.

The good news is, you won’t have power steering fluid leaks in your next Honda, Acura, or any new vehicle for that matter. Here’s why.

My 2019 Nissan Frontier has traditional power steering. But since the design of the truck is essentially unchanged since this generation was introduced for the 2005 model year, I guess that’s to be expected! :upside_down_face: