2010 Honda Accord - diagnosing humming sound

My 2010 Accord started making noise about 2 weeks ago. It appears to be coming from the front area. The humming starts at certain speeds (35-40mph; 55-65 mph) and it goes louder with increasing speed. I have switched to neutral and even turned off the engine momentarily(after ensuring it is safe on a lightly traveled road) to be sure that it is not from the engine.

How would I diagnose if the wheel bearing or any of the brake making noise? Also how I diagnose if the power transmission component is making noise?

Any thoughts?? Also, would you recommend any good dealerships in the Troy MI area that have good service departments for this?

Sounds like a wheel bearing by your description. It will get worse, if it is a bearing. It may start to growl.

Look above on the page for Mechanics Files. You might find a shop listed there. I’d use Yelp, YP, Google and friends to find a well rated shop.

Thanks for you quick reply.

I would like to diagnose it by my self before going to the mechanic.

Can you suggest any process if you know?

Thank you in advance.

Why? Because you are afraid of being taken advantage of? If you don’t trust your mechanic, don’t use them. Simple.

Would you diagnose a kidney ailment by yourself and then tell your doctor to remove it? I certainly hope you wouldn’t. Don’t do it with your car, either.

You diagnose the problem by jacking it up, removing the wheels on both sides. Inspect the brakes to make sure they are not the issue. Remove the calipers, then you rotate the hub and bearing and feel for roughness and/or looseness.