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2010 Honda Accord 3.5 Sedan

So my car didn’t start yesterday, I thought it was starter or battery maybe so I had it towed to mechanic who’s has done a couple of things to my car and today he tells me after inspecting it tell me I have Engine Damage to Valves because of my timing belt broke off and damaged engine!?
I was shocked because 5 months earlier I bought a timing and water pump full kit on ebay OEM and brought to same mechanic to install which he did and I been driving car ever since and 5 months later this happens. So I did hear car for past few weeks idle or squeal a little higher when driving but nothing too odd I thought until it stopped on me yesterday.
So now I am looking at a few thousand dollars he says!
Is he right can it be the timing chain fail and cause that much damage to engine or is it the install of it that was done wrong? I dont know who to to go after these parts shouldn’t fail that quickly and cause that much damage.

Did you try contacting the party on Ebay to find out what the warranty is on the timing kit?


10yrs supposedly for the warranty for the kit but it was about $200, were talking about $2500 the mechanic estimated and I dont know terms of the warraaty but I emailed the seller.

An improper installation would likely have shown up sooner so my guess is something was wrong with the parts.

And, just for future reference, if the OP had allowed his mechanic to obtain the parts that he installed, the mechanic would be on the hook for this repair. Sometimes you can’t afford to “save money” in the way that the OP chose to do.