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2010 Dodge Journey is possessed

2010 Dodge Journey is possessed.
Horn starts blowing all on it’s own without warning.
Cannot duplicate it when I want to (to a mechanic or shop)
Will beep 1x or several.
2am or 6pm and all times in between.
Could go 1 hour out 1 month until it happens again.
30° or 98° outside.
Rain or sunshine
In the middle of a traffic jam or sitting in my garage
Dodge dealerships “have never heard of this before” and want me to bring it in. Pointless, because you cannot duplicate it when you want to.

If anyone knows the remedy, I really really really would love to know what is causing this.

Thank you.

Don’t have a clue but if a replacement horn was cheap enough I might just put one on to see what happens.

The horn can’t beep on it’s own, has to be a wiring or switch problem.

First try disconnecting the horn and see if it still beeps (probably not possible).

Perhaps consider running a new wire from the horn to a new separate switch mounted somewhere on the dash, to eliminate both possibilities.

Question 1 do you have an aftermarket remote start?

I wonder if it is associated with your car alarm and or your FOB key. A simple test to find out whether it is your key is to remove the battery and use they key in manual mode for several days or weeks. If it is not the key and the car alarm going off by itself I can only imagine some type of signal problem your car alarm is receiving. If the car alarm has a separate fuse, you could pull it. If the horn does not go off then you at least know where to look.