2010 Dodge Grand Caravan - Easy fix?

how to change serpintine belt the easy way

Easy way ? Pay someone to do it while you set in the waiting room drinking coffee.


If you insist on doing it yourself get a serpentine tensioner wrench at Harbor freight.

Amazon has them also.

if doing it yourself, at least take good pictures or make a drawing of how the belt goes

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Or, you could just go here.



I have found allpar.com to have helpful info about Chrysler products like my Plymouth and now Chrysler minivan. There’s a minivan discussion group.

On mine, a 1/2" drive breaker bar fits into the tensioner. Lever it to remove the tension and the slip off the belt. A belt routing diagram is on a sticker under the hood…

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agreed, yet I’ve know people who have trouble with such diagrams unless each circle is in exactly the right place relative to the other circles

On my 2005 T&C, a breaker or ratchet won’t fit. I had to get the tensioner wrench.