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2010 Chrysler 300 - can it run on only 5 cylinders?

can a Chrysler 300 year 2010 be driven with only five cylinders


But the Check Engine light will flash until the engine explodes.



The catalytic converter will overheat and probably melt after a while

The problem Sarah is that when you have a misfire, fuel still gets injected into the bad cylinder, and since the gasoline doesn’t get burned up like it should, the fuel gets pushed right out and into the cat, which will damage the cat over time. Catalytic converters aren’t designed to handle raw gasoline. If you could disable the fuel supply to that cylinder, then it might work, but the engine would be unbalanced & that would probably create a very noticeable vibration.

It has been my observation that shortly after a misfire is detected a modern Powertrain Control Module will disable the injector for that cylinder so if it was an intermittent misfire you have to shut the engine off and restart it to enable that cylinder again. I believe the Chrysler NGC module is capable of this, Isn’t it?

Yes. Once the cylinder misfires the fuel injector for that cylinder will be disabled for the rest of the key cycle.

Interesting. Maybe Sarah can get away with running on 5 of 6 cylinders. As long as it doesn’t create too much of a vibration or stalls.