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2010 Chevrolet Malibu jerks and emits a weird smell

I recently had spark plugs and 1 new ignition coil put on my car. It is jerking extremely hard and has a weird smell. One mechanic recommended replacing the ECM. Will this alone, stop this horrible miss, or are there other issues that could be causing this(sensors)? LTZ 3.6 2010 MALIBU

Is the check engine light on? If it is, it will save error codes in the car’s ECU. Those error codes will help the mechanic find the problem. You can get those codes read at most auto parts stores for free. If you do that, post the actual codes you get not what the countrr guy who reads them tells you what they are. They should be in the form P0123.

If you can’t do that, I’d take it to a better shop. I doubt the ECU is bad.