2010 Buick Enclave fuel injector money pit

In the course of 1 month, I’ve spent $2k replacing “stuck open” fuel injectors. First, it was cylinder 1 and then a few weeks later the same issue except with cylinder 4. Could there be an underlying cause or is it really just rotten luck as the mechanic tells me? For example, I recently started using non-ethanol fuel after 100,000+ miles of ethanol fuel. Or maybe there’s an electrical problem fouling the fuel injectors. At this point, I’m considering selling the vehicle because I can’t justify another thousand dollar injector repair.

Sound odd about “stuck open” injectors but my understanding is yes they can fail and leak over time.
As far as non-alcohol fuel. I do use that in my lawn equipment but not in my vehicles. Your car is designed to run on gas containing up to 10% ethanol. My concern is that non-ethanol fuel may not have the same level of detergents in it as ethanol fuels.
Many respondents to this site along with my self recommend you use TopTier fuel to ensure adequate detergent.

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