2010 Acura TSX tuneup estimate

I have a 2010 Acura TSX with 103k miles. Time for a tune up. What is a reasonable price for the service?

What about a break down the parts required and cost?

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Have you asked your mechanic?
Labor and shops rates can vary greatly depending on the area you’re in. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that rates in NYC, Chicago, Miami and the like are twice that of small town in rural Carolina, North Dakota, and other areas with affordable real estate taxes, different (or no) business tax structures, and other variables. Even in my area in NH I can find shop rates that vary from $100/hr to $150/hr… and that doesn’t even include dealerships.

My feeling has always been that I’d much rather pay more and get good work than go to the lowest bidder and take risks. I have a shop I’ve been frequenting since the early '80s for my work (admittedly very infrequent, as I usually either do the work myself or have the students at the college I retired from do it in their labs). The shop rates are on the high end, but I can trust them to do good work.

In summary, I’d suggest looking at shops’ reputations and worry about the cost as a necessary evil.

A 100K tune-up probably involves mostly just replacing the spark plugs. Figure around $25 each, plus 1/2 hour labor for the 4 banger. 1.5 hours for the v6. Other jobs they might do for the engine are

  • idle speed check/adjustment
  • valve lash check/adjustment

There’s other stuff needed at 100 K, fluid checks, brake inspections, etc, but the above applies to an engine tune-up.

There’s really no such thing as a “tune up”. Give us a list of the items required by your maintenance schedule and then we might be able to help.

If this is the V-6 engine and you haven’t replaced the timing belt yet, you’re likely overdue for that, in which case you’re running the risk of expensive engine damage if it breaks.