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2009 Volkswagen Jetta - Went warm suddenly

I have a 2009 VW jetta 2.5L. Yesterday as i was driving i noticed that my a/c went from nice and cold to outside temperature in a matter of seconds, yes it happened that fast. I pulled over to see of i had maybe thrown a belt. No, belts are still there but i do see a neon green liquid all over the area near the compresser /a/c lines. Its not antifreeze, this vehicles has a pink / violet coolant in it. It does however look like green antifreeze. What is this liquid? Did i pop an a/c line? Is it refigerant?

The green fluid is refrigerant oil with tracer dye, look for where it may have sprayed from to find the leak/failure.

AFAIK the green is from dye in the oil in the refrigerant lines. You probably blew a line or seal somewhere.

Edit: @Nevada_545 beat me to it.