2009 Toyota Yaris no communications after throttle body clean

none at all. No odometer reading. The dash cluster does seem active because the turn signal or hazard indicators come on just fine.

Balls…that no odometer stuff seems spooky. All the other stuff turns on though (wipers, lights)?

yup, headlights are brights, wipers work, wiper sprayer works, radio works, dome light works, I can shift the transmission when the key is on, I do get door warning light if the doors are opened so further proof the dash cluster seems good. I can open and close windows, the power locks work both the door controls as well as the key fob. I can set off the alarm with the panic button on my fob. I don’t like jumping to conclusions but I’m really leaning towards the computer dieing. the car does have 220k miles on it. I can’t remember where I was reading about it but I’ve heard it’s not super uncommon for that to happen. We did find a bit of a sheered wire going from the ignition coil for cyllinder 1. I’m not sure doing the plugs we shorted that on something which back fed to the computer or what happened. I did order a used computer (I did part match) it was about 40$. I figured hey if it works cool we might just need to reprogram. if it deosn’t then we’ll tear further from there. definitely not a fan of throwing parts at a car but I’m not sure what else to suspect right now outside of another wire short. Someone mentioned it going into a security lockout but I would assume that we’d still see dash lights as well as some security light staying on or flashing on the dash

the 60 and 120a main and alt fuses looked good. they’re transparent so it was fairly easy to check for breaks in the fuses and I checked most of the more critical fuses and didn’t find any breaks.

Sucks man. If 40 bucks fixes it that would be awesome.

I mean to be fair this car was only 350$. The front door was dented so we got a junk yard door, it needed an alternator and battery. it started running a bit poorer then noticed the spark plug gap was way out so we replaced those, took it on a drive and it was way better. We clean the throttle body and dead. So it’s not like I’m out a fortune but would like to get it back running again. Plus I’ve already learned a lot about things to test in these kinds of situations. I’ll definitely let you know how things turn out. If anyone else or yourself have anything else I should go to check. Please let me now. Thanks to those who have assisted already. I’ll keep everyone updated. “new” computer should be here in about 2 days.


You see this?

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Yes! I do rmeember seeing that article. I thought I remember checking that one but I will double check again.

HOLY CRAP THAT WAS IT!. My dumbass did not check that fuse. Sure as hell it was blown and replacing her she fired right up.

Hooray!!! Who knows why it blew!!! But anyway, good deal!