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2009 Toyota Matrix heater odor

I have a 2009 Matrix with 15000 miles on it. Approximately 2000 miles ago it began emitting an odor from the heater after we had driven the vehicle and then stopped and shopped for 15 minutes to half an hour. Almost immediately when we re-started the car the heater would emit an odor that smells like a catalytic converter failure for a few minutes and then it clears up. I described this to the dealer at the 15000 mile service and their response was to spray refrigerant fresh in the vents the odor from which nearly sent my wife to the hospital with an asthma attack. They took the car, gave us a loaner, and ventilated our car for a day which cleared that smell but didn’t resolve the problem. When I more specifically explained the problem to the service manager he then indicated that it would cost to solve that problem. I wonder if this shouldn’t be covered by warranty.

Thanks for any ideas.

I have an '04 Matrix XR but haven’t had your problem.

I would hesitate to hazard a guess as to the reason for the problem with the heater as it seems to be (according to your post) drawing in exhaust gases.

Perhaps get a couple of other opinions from ACTUAL TECHs, NOT the pencil pusher behind the counter. Try a different dealer or even better, try a reputable independent.

It’s brand new so IMHO the dealer should bend over (Backwards) to help resolve this issue.

When you do find the cause and cure, come back and update this post for us.

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